Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Heart of the City" ADR work

Jeff is back in town and we've got most of the necessary actors scheduled to come in studio for ADR work Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon. For you non-movie types, ADR is Automated Dialog Replacement which is the process of re-recording the dialog of the actors in a studio, and replacing some of the dialog that was field recorded. This helps eliminate any background noises and can cover up a litany of poorly delivered lines since the actor will be sitting comfortably in a studio, watching a monitor and holding their crutch...err, a copy of the script, in their hands.

Once the ADR work is done and the editing gets tightened up, I think we'll have a decent film, ready to be shown to an executive or two in hopes of finding some cash for possible distribution. And by "some cash", I mean huge piles.

In "Hero Alley" news, all is well and we are still on track for filming this coming Sunday morning at 3:30am. All of the actors and crew are in good spirits and ready to jump in again. I was hoping everyone would hate the project and quit after the first day so I could sleep in on Sunday, but alas, everyone is still excited about it (just kidding Chris). This has been a great project and we're getting some great performances, so I'm looking forward to hitting the editing bay and cutting this thing together.

"Wisdom" is still on track and pieces are falling into place. The last few casting choices will hopefully be made in the next week so that rehearsals can begin. Once the work for HOTC and HA are wrapped at the end of this week, we'll be able to narrow focus on "Wisdom" and hopefully put together a nice short film.

Lastly, speaking of huge piles of cash, if anyone has any that they want to donate to a filmmaker with vision and several projects in the pipeline, please feel free to contact me. I have purchased a powerball ticket for this evening's drawing in case I get no takers on that offer.


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