Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Wisdom" cast, crew and location

Good news for our "Wisdom" shoot. We landed another cast member today and got confirmation on my last key crew person this week so this project is shaping up nicely. There are only two characters left to cast and I have a pretty good idea on each so I'm starting to feel good about it. We will try to schedule an initial read through sometime this month, and at least one full rehearsal to get all of the characters/emotions/actions down.

A shout out and a big thank you to Dr. Ken for letting us use his facility. When Pete and I toured the dentist office for the first time, we were both excited at how perfectly it lays out and all of my previsualizations fit perfectly in the space. Plus, they close at noon on Saturdays so we can film all afternoon/evening which is nice. Certainly much nicer than the 3:30am calls we have for "Hero Alley" due to the location schedule. I anticipate my actors will like me much better than Chris ("Hero Alley" director) when both projects are shooting.

In other good news, Jason from RedFrogs has offered to shoot a behind the scenes/making of documentary of our production so that will be fun to have. We'll be able to edit that down and stick it on the finished DVD when it's all done. Of course, that's assuming that all goes well during principal photography. If it's a train wreck I will confiscate the footage and destroy it. Thanks Jason.


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