Friday, April 07, 2006

"Hero Alley" story boards and shot list

Chris and I spent about four hours tonight breaking down the script and coming up with a solid shot list and a good start on the story boards. Conventional wisdom (and common sense) says there's no way we shoot 42 pages in two days, but we have it broken down and I think we just might do it. Seriously.

In "Wisdom" news, more info about potential actors is trickling in. The sooner we get this cast, the better I'll feel about it. Hopefully next week we'll have it locked.

In "Heart of the City" news, post production is starting back up again (after some time off for shooting commercials and music videos). Several of the main cast members have been scheduled in the next couple of weeks to come back in to the studio for some ADR work. Audio issues are the biggest holdup on this project at this point so this process will help greatly.


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