Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Hero Alley" storyboarding

Story boarding for "Hero Alley" is ongoing, though slower than I'd hoped. I'm not as good of an artist as I would like to be, but I suppose as long as the shots are detailed enough for the DP to see what needs to be shot and what camera movements are required, then that's all that is needed. My biggest issue that I see as I story board this film and "Wisdom" is coverage. If you don't know what coverage is, then look it up on a filmmaking website. Anyway, I tend to overcover scenes when I put together a shot list. It's great for editing and you end up with a better film, but sometimes time doesn't necessarily allow for all of the setups required. I will be reviewing the story boards and shot list that I've created for "Hero Alley" tomorrow night with Chris (writer/director) to see his thoughts and see if we need to cut anything out. The good news, the way I have it layed out will make for a visually interesting and enjoyable film. The bad news, we have a 45 page script to shoot and we're only filming for two days. Impossible you say? We'll see.


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