Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Screenwriting/Filmmaking Conferences – Sunday, Day 2

Day two started much the same as day one, with Jeff Kitchen talking about “constructing a script with sequence, proposition, and plot” and again, the morning session was filled with tons of fantastic information on screenwriting (I know, I have no excuses now, I need to start writing).

The second morning session was with none other than OFF friend Lew Hunter who delighted the crowd with his insights and wit and wisdom. Great session.

The afternoon sessions were “a conversation with” Jon Bokenkamp and Josh Stolberg in individual one-on-one talks (with the second “one” being the audience) discussing everything filmmaking. So many interesting stories were told, I almost wish I had them recorded. Wait, I do. Sometime after the festival, I look forward to relistening to them all and maybe getting more out of them, in a much less stressful environment (and if you were there, you know where the stress came from).

The last session concluded our time at Creighton and what a time it was. The remaining item on the agenda for the weekend was our closing night party at the Omaha Community Playhouse (incredible) and a screening of “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” (even more incredibler) with none other than writer/director Shane Black in attendance (yes I will say incredible-ist here). The catered in affair was perfect; everything you could hope to have. Great food, lots of drinks, a very full room and lots of great conversations (and not all just about film). The screen and the sound system at the OCP were absolutely perfect for the film and the audience of around 200 (many of which were seeing the film for the first time) were delighted with the action. Shane went up after the film and treated the crowd to a 45 minute Q&A and Jeremy, Jason and I couldn’t help but be proud and satisfied at the weekend that we’d put together. Fast forward to later in the evening with Josh and Shane and a few close friends at the Cheesecake Factory and you’ve got the make’ns of a pretty good weekend.

Now, on to the festival!


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