Sunday, February 03, 2008

OFF the EDGE filmmaking – a podcast

Jeremy and I were guests on a local (Omaha) podcast a couple of days ago and the show just got posted today so if you’re interested in hearing some ‘behind the scenes’ info about OFF’08 or if you just love the sounds of our voices, feel free to check out the show.

Don’t know what a podcast is? Okay, it’s basically like a radio show, but instead of being broadcast across the airwaves, it’s listenable and/or downloadable on the internet. You can go right to the website and listen on your computer, or you can download an mp3 and listen on your mobile mp3 device, or you can subscribe via itunes.

So, please take a few minutes and check out Worlds of Wayne and listen to or download the show. We told Wayne we would break his previous record of listens so help us out.

And something interesting gets revealed for the first time on his show. Jeremy and I have started our own podcast! So, after you’ve listed to Worlds of Wayne, come over to OFF the EDGE filmmaking and check out our show. Our first show is a simple introduction that tells what we’ll be doing, and in the second show we talk about all of the feature films and documentaries that will be screened at the 2008 Omaha Film Festival. I think it’s interesting and fun, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Let us know what you think. And even if you don’t feel like listening, click on the link and download it anyway, just so it looks like people are listening. We don’t actually have to BE loved, as long as we FEEL loved, right? We have a couple of exciting interviews coming up in the next week-or-so, so I’ll send out more e-mails letting you know about those. And just so you know, we’re just starting this out and it’s all new to us. We promise we’ll get better!


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