Sunday, January 06, 2008

Viral Video - coming soon

I had a chance to work with a couple of actors that I’ve known for a while but haven’t had a chance to work yet. Long time friend Greg Scott had a few small projects he wanted to film and asked for help casting, and when he gave me the scripts, I immediately had two actors in mind, so I called Cortney Franks and Mark Booker and they were both happy to sign on to the project. I can’t really talk much about what we shot now, but the word will be getting out soon so keep your eyes open. They were small projects, but they were big fun and Cortney and Mark were both fantastic. I’ve never really shot comedy work before so it was fun to get together with a script and after a few takes have the actors go off the script and improv the scenes. And yes, there were a few blown takes because the crew was laughing too hard. All in all a great night of filming and hopefully some nice clips to be coming out soon.


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