Sunday, June 10, 2007

“The HIT” principal photography - day 3 Sunday, June 3rd

7:30am walk through with Craig and Dave at Scott’s Kelley’s Hilltop Lanes for our three scenes that needed to be shot. 8:00am crew call and we had the largest group of the weekend. We had a small scene to shoot in the bathroom and two large scenes that took place in the bar so we focused our initial energy on the bathroom to get everything set up so we could release all of the lighting guys to the bar to work on setting that up while we shot. The strategy worked perfectly giving them over an hour headstart on lighting our largest location so that when we were ready to shoot, only minor tweaks were required.

All of the scenes played out nicely and we turned an average looking bathroom and a decent looking bar into two incredibly filmed locations that were both perfect for the film. The bathroom only required Adam and Gio so after several camera setups and multiple takes, we moved Adam, Gio and Lindsey as well as over a dozen extras into the bar for all of the shots that would make up the climactic end to the movie.

Given the size of the bar and the number of shots, we did run long, so instead of being done and to lunch by noon, we ended up shooting until around 1:30 so the crew was getting a bit punchy. This certainly didn’t hinder the quality of the shots though and we got everything we needed plus. Great performances by our actors and the extras and we were ready for our last location.

Next we moved across town to the Omaha Film Group studio for lunch and to utilize two of their offices for the final shots of the film. King Penguin/Echo Factory veteran Kevin Pufall was on hand for our final shots and the lovely Katie Wellman stepped in at the last minute to replace the ailing Darcy Lueking. Again, everything went as planned and it was a great way for everyone to wrap out the film, ending before 4:00.

After cleaning up all of the gear and putting Christopher’s offices back together, we wrapped principal photography and headed over to Lights-On for a little wrap party and a lot of winding down. And as the sun set on the party and on principal photography, we get to move to the next phase in the filmmaker process, the editing. Those of you regular readers of this blog all know my thoughts on that process, so wish us luck, but we do have some fantastic opportunities to explore over the next few days that should make this process a great one. Wish us luck.

Thanks to all of the actors, great job throughout. Thanks to Craig and the crew, this project was way more professional than what we’ve had the opportunity to work on in the past and we should have a great film when we’re done. Thanks to all that provided the perfect locations for our film, we obviously couldn’t have done this without you. Congrats Chris, we’ve got a good one here.


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