Sunday, May 27, 2007

“Unconditional” principal photography - day 2

5:30am call time. Seems early for a Saturday morning doesn’t it? The call time was set (and certainly not by me) to take advantage of “magic hour” (“golden hour” or “alpenglow”) which is that hour just after sunrise (or before sunset) when the light is perfect for capturing images, whether on film or video. Well, it certainly seemed like a good idea and actually probably would have looked great, were it not for the 100% cloud cover and the pouring rain. Fortunately the city street that was chosen for the early morning exterior shot was the same city street where the Omaha Film Group offices and studio reside (coincidence?) so with some minor tweaking to the script and a last minute dash across the city (thank you Carole) to get some additional wardrobe, the scene was modified to be an interior.

We were able to knock a planned seven camera setups to two and the scene ended up working just fine. Roll with the punches.

Location two was also an exterior and while the rain had lessened a bit, it was still very present so we had to make due there as well. We needed a wide establishing shot which meant the camera had to be positioned in the street, out in the elements. Mad props to Robbie for his makeshift rain shelter made of C-stands, clamps and plywood for keeping the camera (and the DP) dry. The shots went well and ended up looking great. Derek has a knack for building a realistic looking crime scene so I’m sure his neighbors were looking out the windows wondering what was going on.

Out last and biggest location of the day was all interiors, out of the rain, so that was good. Of course, it would have been better if we had air conditioning, but hey, what’s a little sweat between friends, right?

Props to Derek for a great job in his (official) directorial debut and thanks for allowing me to be a part of your production. Huge props also go to Christopher for shooting a great film and to Robbie for the great lighting. The rest of the cast and crew did a fantastic job and we should end up with a nice little film.

On to editing!


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