Sunday, June 10, 2007

“The HIT” principal photography - day 2 (cont’d) Saturday, June 2nd

Gene Lahey Mall at 6:00am is a beautiful place to be though I haven’t found myself there that often at that time. The morning started with Chris, Craig, Mike (CA) and I scouting the park and looking for our first camera position. With the sun getting ready to rise over the lake, the first shot over the water with Adam running in the background seemed like the perfect place to start the movie so we sent Adam in his running gear and Chris with a walkie talking across the bridge and out of site around the bend and waited for the sun to break. At the perfect time, we radioed “action” and sent Adam running. We spent the next hour setting up visually pleasing shots utilizing the beauty of the lake and the backdrop of the Omaha skyline to establish our main character at the opening of the film and walked away with lots of incredible footage that should serve the film nicely. Thanks to Ben and Katie for getting up before the sun and having coffee and snacks there for everyone and thanks to Courtney and Topher for helping out and providing moral support.

The next location’s call time was 8:30am and we were scheduled to have a full crew. The cast included Adam, Andrew, Shelby, Kevin and Jarred and the location, provided by Shawn Rogers, couldn’t have been more perfect. After over and hour and a half of setting up, which included wardrobe, make up, lighting, props, etc., we were able to go through our shot list pretty efficiently and got all of the footage that we needed. The actors turned in great performances and the scenes were masterfully lit and shot. Props to all for making this happen and for giving the film a great look.

Company move to North Sea Films for lunch and into the editing bay of Corey Hart’s No Coast Post & Graphics for all of our “Deacon” shots. More magic from the lighting and camera department and from what I saw in the monitor, we captured some of the coolest shots I’ve ever seen and been a part of. Awesome look, awesome movement and the results certainly speak for themselves. In a few short hours, we were able to capture all of the footage we needed of the “Deacon” played wonderfully by Garrett Sheeks. I also have to give big props to Sherri (hair/makeup) for a fantastic look on our actor and Sarah Hunt for a fantastic look on the set. Thanks to Corey for the perfect location and terrific job by the whole crew. Thanks Garrett, I’ve got another project to talk to you about after we’re done with this one.

A great day is in the books. Sunday AM call time is 7:30 so it’s nice to be done by 5:00pm.


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