Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Editing and such

Editing is chunk, chunking along for “Hero Alley” and “Still Life”. This is good news. Movie posters and DVD covers for “Wisdom”, “Hero Alley” and “Random” are in the works. This is also good news. A few potential editors have been found so that “Wisdom” and “Random” can be enjoying the process of editing as well. More good news and more to come as details get finalized.

I spent some time looking at a lot of the footage for “Hero Alley” and “Random” with Erich this weekend and I’m reinvigorated to get these projects finished. When asked which of the four short films I’ve shot this summer is my favorite, I had to give the cliché “I love them all” answer. Sadly I could come up no better response, but in this case I have elements of each film that I truly love. Granted, there are elements in each that aren’t “perfect” and those of you that know me knows how much that grates against my soul, but alas, each story and film holds a special place in my heart and I’m truly looking forward to final edits for all four. If nothing else, the opportunity to work with the different casts and crews for each film was totally worth the experience. I’ve worked with some incredibly gifted people on both sides of the camera and will gladly work with each and every one of them in the future. Well, maybe except for one. (Ha, I just put that in there to make everyone nervous, thinking they might be that one. Sorry, I truly love you all).

More to come in upcoming days and weeks. One thing I will need is a lot of music for soundtracks. If anyone knows of any decent bands that would like to have their song in a short film, please get in touch with me. I’d love to check them out.


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