Saturday, October 14, 2006

King O’ The Moon at OCP

Thursday night found me at the Omaha Community Playhouse to catch their latest play King O’ The Moon for their pre-opening night. I was invited by Judy Radcliff (who I work with) and she was one of the principals in the play. I was thrilled when I got to the theatre and picked up my program and saw that Geoffrey Steinblock was also a part of the cast. You’ll remember from previous blogs that Geoffrey was in two of my short films this summer, “Hero Alley” and “Wisdom”.

Without trying to sound too “theatre-esque,” I do have to say that it was a truly wonderful experience. The performances by the entire cast were incredible, the story was enjoyably perfect and the stage decoration was amazing. Great great theatrical experience. If anyone has a chance to get out and see this play, I PROMISE you will laugh hysterically and you will most likely shed at least one tear. Highly recommended.

Judy and Geoffrey, you’re both wonderful actors.

The biggest disappointment in the evening was in myself. It occurred to me that I live less than a half mile away from OCP and I’ve never actually attended a play there. I hang my head in shame. I vow to start going more.

Omaha Community Playhouse


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