Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kansas International Film Festival - Day 1 - Friday 9/19

Yes, the drive to Kansas City was a lot easier than the drive the Estes Park. 2 ½ hours and we’re there. Piece of cake. We left work at 11:00am and got on the road right away so we had plenty of time to check into the hotel (thanks Settle Inn) and hit the festival early to get our badges and talk to the staff. It’s nice being recognized since we’ve been here three years in a row so everything went smoothly.

Our first film of the day was “Mona” and the producer/actor Alex Lyras was in attendance and had a great Q&A after the film. The audience was one of the most intelligent audiences I’ve seen at a KIFF event and there was about 20 minutes of interesting conversation regarding the film and its influences. Fun film and fun screening.

Film number two was “Choke” which was adapted from the novel of the same name written by Chuck Palahniuk, writer of the book “Fight Club” and starring Sam Rockwell. The film is certainly not for the conservative among us, but it was an interesting watch and the audience was enthusiastic and laughed a lot. The film will get theatrical release next week so it was cool to be able to see the film before the rest of the country.

The after party was a great time as well. We ended up staying out way too late (of course) and it was a great time and a great opportunity to chat with filmmakers and have some fancy snacks.

Saturday has a full slate of films (I’ve got five selected) and I anticipate at least one BBQ stop. We’re in KC… like we’re not going to find some good BBQ.


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