Thursday, August 28, 2008

“The HIT” screening at the PS Collective – 8/28

So you work hard on a project for so long and you have no idea what people are really going to think about it. Will they get it, will they enjoy the humor, will they feel tension in the right places, will they care? I sent out a few e-mails last weekend, certainly to the cast and crew but added a handful of others who I thought might be interested and didn’t really do a ton to promote it too much. We had the PSC already rented out because we had two OFF meetings there, so I thought we could set up a screen and show the film publicly for the first time. My main goal was to give the cast and crew an opportunity to see the film that they worked on and let them know how much I appreciated working with them. Well, the word must have gotten out because it was standing room only and we were stealing chairs from the restaurant next door.

Technically the film went off without a hitch and everyone really seemed to enjoy it. We did a little Q&A afterward and got a lot of positive feedback. It makes it feel like all of the hard work was all worthwhile. Tonight felt pretty good.

Thanks tons to Craig, without whom none of this would have been possible. Thanks tons to Johnnie for taking our diamond in the rough and polishing it. Thanks a ton to the cast and crew for doing such an amazing job. I love you all. And thanks an additional ton to all those that came out and supported the film. Thanks to Julie for crossing t's and dotting i's and for making everything work behind the scenes. And mad props to Chris, my partner in crime… we got it done! Tonight was a good night.


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