Monday, September 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home – the road less travelled

A gallon of gas in Estes Park, Colorado - $4.19

All-you-can-eat Indian buffet in downtown Estes Park - $8.95

An entry pass into the Rocky Mountain National Park - $20.00

Purchasing a Nebraska shirt from former national champion Husker punter Jesse Kosch in one of the two Husker stores in Estes Park - $24.95

Meeting and hanging out with awesome filmmakers, festival directors and audience members – PRICELESS

Okay, so it’s a little cliché, but it’s a nice encapsulation of the last couple of days. We had a tremendous time at the third annual EPFF and in spite of the 9 hour drive and the fact that I have to be up and at work in about 5 hours, I’m still upbeat.

One of the many highlights of the screening of “The HIT” was having the opportunity to meet Mark and Jami, the parents of Adam O’Rourke, the lead actor in the film. They made the trip from North Platte, all the way into Estes Park to see the film, so it was awesome to see them, and to have them support the film.

It was also great talking to filmmakers and audience members after the screening and hearing all of the positive comments about the film. Huge props again to all that helped with the film and helped make it something that people enjoy watching.

The trip back home was a lot of fun. We got some pretty cool video footage and took a ton of great photos. And we stopped at a chic-fil-e! How awesome is that?!

And in a sad note… my condolences to all of the remaining family members of the 2.5 billion bugs that smashed on the front of our vehicle along interstates 76 & 80. May they rest in pieces in the various gas station squeegee receptacles that we stopped at along the way.


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