Thursday, February 21, 2008

Omaha Film Festival 2008 – Wednesday, day 3

Day three had four feature films, two documentaries and our first full slate of short films, running in two separate blocks. It was a great day that started with a full moon and ended with none at all. Pretty cool.

My favorite part of film festivals is usually the directors’ Q&A sessions and we were treated to three of them today, one after the incredible documentary “the Listening Project,” one after our short block #1 (two directors in town), and one after the short/feature combo “Wake Up Filmmaker” and “Imitation Life.” I had a chance to listen in to all three of these for a little while and it was great to see the crowds reacting favorably to the films and the people that made them. The biggest crowd of the festival so far was at the screenings of “Wake Up Filmmaker” and “Imitation Life,” so we’re glad to be giving local filmmakers a showcase as part of the festival. Hopefully those folks enjoyed the film and will come back out and support some of the other films we’re screening.

It was my latest night out of the theater and I had the good fortune of being able to go to not one, but two parties afterward, which put me home about three hours later than I had anticipated. There’s really not much point in sleeping anymore this week though so I’ll see everyone out there tomorrow night too.

A special thank you goes to the fine folks at Red Bull for coming out and passing out some cans. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to drink two of them as fast as I did and my heart might have raced a bit faster than it should have, but when you’re in survival mode, anything can happen.


Blogger JohnHuff said...

Just to let you know, King Penguin, "Cyxork 7" which showed at Omnaha in 2006 and which you were kind enough to mention, will have its Troma DVD release July
29. Thank you for your artistic hospitality at a great festival.
John Huff
"Cyxork 7"

6:33 PM  

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