Sunday, September 23, 2007

VIP Limousines

What’s it like hanging out in a dozen-or-so limousines all day? Kinda cool actually. Jason, Jeremy and I shot a few hours of video footage and took a few hundred still photos of the entire VIP fleet at various locations through town today for some of their promotional stuff. Each of the limos had it’s own style and feel and each had a coolness all its own and it was great to be able to fit various “scenes” with various groups of extras into the different vehicles and create a lot of the different looks that you typically see in limos. And speaking of looks, of course you get those everywhere you go.

So, after riding around in high class digs all day, it was not without a small amount of sadness that at the end of the day I got in my Explorer. And to top it off, I had to actually open my own door and drive it myself. Ah, the little people.

VIP Limo


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