Monday, September 17, 2007

Kansas International Film Festival – Sunday, Day 3

What’s the best BBQ place in KC? I ask this question every time I go there and I get different answers from everyone I ask. One person’s favorite is another person’s least favorite. So every time I go, I try somewhere different and eventually I’ll be able to answer the question for myself. Last year at KIFF, I went to KC Masterpiece and Gates. This year we tried Fiorella’s Jack Stack and while it was panned by some, we had a great experience there and my meal was more than enough for the whole day. Plus it was right across the street from the theater, so major convenience points were awarded.

So the last film that we were going to be able to see was “Red is the Color Of” and it was a real treat. I’m always a fan of color when used right in a film and the color red was like its own character. The film was laced with beautiful shots and imagery and with the painting theme, everything looked very vibrant. Irina Björklund was the lead actress and her beauty and grace carried the film. Writer/Director Anne Norda was in attendance and treated us to the best Q&A of the weekend. Everyone in the audience really responded to the film and there was a significant amount of enthusiasm in the dialog. The session went on so long, we had to vacate the theater to let in the next film. After leaving the theater I had a nice, long chat with Anne and I told her that one of my favorite parts of the film was the music and she filled me in on the back story about how the lead actress did all of the vocals and that she and the composer Peter Fox developed the original score for the film. Beautiful soundtrack. Check out Irina’s music on the link below.

Red is the Color Of

Irina Björklund

So, that was our weekend. Huge, huge thanks to KIFF for treating us so well and for putting on such a great festival. Thanks to Ben (festival president), Brian and Ben (theater owners and festival board members) for treating us so great and a special thank you and shout-out to Rachel for helping us with everything and making our visit so much fun. We look forward to her and her husband coming up to OFF’08!


If you’re in the area this week, be sure to check it out.


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