Sunday, October 01, 2006

“Still Life” Principal Photography - Day 3 (Sunday)

That’s a wrap. “Still Life” is wrapped. My summer of shooting four movies with first time writers is wrapped. My well-being is wrapped. More summaries of the summer films to come in upcoming days so that this blog can be “Still Life”-centric.

Call time for crew was 11:00am and this envelope was pushed pretty hard by some. I was on time and thanks to the others that were there and ready as well. As for all of the late-comers…well, I have nothing to say. No one was getting paid for any of this, so I guess I’m glad people showed up at all.

Today went great, even though we went three hours long. We had about 8 pages to shoot, and we were pretty well planned out, though maybe not as tight as I would have liked (I blame myself). On my next film, I will most certainly spend more time in preproduction on storyboarding, shot lists, etc. (though I do believe I’ve said that on every film). That being said, Luis and I spent a lot of time with the actors before principal photography, and we made such great choices getting the right actors, that performance-wise everyone was great on their first take. I spent less time that usual directing the actors on set since each of them have lived with their characters for so long and we’d given so much direction over the last several weeks. By the time the camera was ready to roll, the performances were right on.

And now we find ourselves at the thank you portion of the blog.

Huge huge thanks to Amy and her family for giving us their beautiful home for five hours (ahem, okay, so it was actually more like eight…sorry). Your patience and your trust were way over the top and we really couldn’t have completed this film without you. And you have the two coolest dogs on the planet.

Thanks again to the crew. Jason did a great job behind camera and I’m thrilled with all of the footage that we got. Larry did a wonderful job giving us the right look on each set. I always appreciate Matt and his general film knowledge and his willingness to jump in on any task. It doesn’t hurt that he’s nine feet tall and can boom up to the ceiling holding his arms and the boom pole for extended amounts of time. Rick did a great job running here and there, stacking this and unstacking that, moving this and that here and there, and back again. Having someone like that on set is always a huge benefit. Julie joined in with her standard five things per day that actually saved the production. Your help is always very much appreciated and you always raise the level of professionalism.

Tremendous cast. Looking at our still photographs from the shoot, I hear certain lines ringing in my ears. “Chad…Seagers. Get the name right?” “You need some green.” “Heck, the cinnamon roll idea is ingenious.” “My face is getting numb.” “Good morning Chad Seagers.” Cracks me up. I’m sure I’ll be hearing these lines for weeks. Thank you Ivan, Jim, Marilyn and Cristy. You’ll always have a place in my films.

I’d also like to thank North Sea Films, NIFP and AVI for their generous contributions to this film. We were able to shoot a very professional looking film on nickels and dimes. Thank you thank you.

Well, we did it Luis. Your first film is in the can. And you got to direct a scene. How do you feel? Time for some fresh steamed crab legs.


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