Saturday, September 16, 2006

Kansas International Film Festival - day 1

Jeremy Decker and I are having a great time at the Kansas International Film Festival. We saw two great films yesterday and are scheduled to see several more today and tomorrow.

Yesterday we saw the independent comedy “Quick Pick” written and directed by Williams Vazquez. The crowd really enjoyed this funny film about a down-on-his luck guy who purchases what might be the winning $135 million lottery ticket…if he can only find where he put it. We had a great time enjoying this film and hanging out with Williams and actor Luis Palomo afterward at the after party.

The other film we saw was “Night of the Living Dead” and we shared the evening with none other than George A. Romero and Tom Savini. The theatre was sold out and 90% of the crowd was wearing black so it was a great crowd to enjoy the film with. Some people even had zombie makeup and fake blood. At least, I assume it was make-up and fake blood. Hmmmm.. Anyway, Mr. Romero and Mr. Savini were both at the after party as well so we had a great time chatting with them, getting pictures and autographs and doing all of the cheesy fan stuff.

The after party was attended by at least 400 people and the wine and cheese and fondue were flowing so it was a great night. I managed to make it to bed before 2:00am. Barely.

We’re getting ready to head over to the theater now for more films so wish us luck.


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