Monday, September 18, 2006

“Still Life” First Rehearsal

Tonight was the first rehearsal for our next short film “Still Life”. Luis, myself and our cast gathered at Marilyn’s house at 7:30 and we did our initial read through, after which we discussed dialog and character notes, then we worked through the script more slowly a second time focusing more on the characters, performances, mannerisms, etc. As we discussed the various aspects of the story and delved deeper into each character and their relationships with each other, the performances got tighter and the characters began to emerge. A very cool process to be a part of. After the evening was over, it was clear that everyone involved to this point is excited and I feel we can make a really good film. I’m thrilled with the actors that we have and I’m looking forward to getting them on set and seeing what they can do.

Our next full rehearsal is next Tuesday evening where we should iron out all of the dialog and start working on the physical parts of the script. Then we shoot.


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